Other inmate testifies that Anderson bragged of murder

Cell mate: Anderson bragged about Craigslist notoriety:

Defense request to let jurors dry-fire gun in Craigslist murder trial rejected:

35-year-old Gregory Wikan also spent some time in jail with Michael John Anderson. Mr. Wikan is also a former professional cage fighter. He was in jail for violating his probation. Wikan testified that when word made the rounds that he was a cage fighter Anderson approached him.

He said Anderson told him: `I’m better known than you are.’

“I said, `Well good for you; I didn’t feel that it was it was a contest,”’ Wikan testified. “He asked me if I’d heard of the Craigslist murder…He was cold-faced; There was no expression.”

Wikan said he urged Anderson not to discuss the case, but Anderson said he didn’t care:

“He said they’re trying to put him away for a long time. They found a girl in the trunk, and (he said) he was pretty much guilty of it.”

Anderson’s attorney argued that this was just a ploy Anderson used to make himself appear tougher in jail to protect himself from physical or sexual assaults.

Wikan also claims that he made no deals for his testimony.

Wikan told the courtroom that he came forward with this information after he was released because “she could be somebody’s mom, somebody’s daughter…”

“I just felt I needed to do this if I had information that was important to the case,” Wikan said.

It also seems that Anderson’s attorney is trying to establish that the shooting was accidental because he asked a weapons expert how delicate the trigger to a .357 is and could it have gone off if dropped.

I’ve never fired a .357 before so any weapon enthusiasts out there feel free to weigh in.

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  • The Ruger Blackhawk revolver (weapon used in this travesty) is a “single action” revolver.

    That means, you can not fire the weapon until you lock the hammer back FIRST, then (and only after the hammer is locked back) can you fire the weapon.

    It’s a two step process.

    Source.. Fourth paragraph in this article.


    Some of the FIRST THINGS taught in firearms safety class are “do not point a weapon at something you are not willing to destroy”, and “keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon”.

    Anderson DID attend firearms safety training as a child.

    Source… About two thirds of the way through this article


  • Thanks MLC. Is it possible for the gun to go off accidentally after the hammer has been locked?

  • I imagine in theory, one could “what if…” it to the point where the gun could go off accidentally…. In the twenty years I have been handing firearms, never once have I had one go off “accidentally”.

    I have been watching the facts of this case pretty closely since the beginning of this trial. (I live only a few miles from the suspects home, the park where the purse and towel were found, and (unfortunatly) from where young Miss Olson was found.

    My money is on “premeditated”. I do believe there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the suspect, but that in no way should excuse him from what he has done.

  • Sorry, what I meant to say was that the gun doesn’t have a reputation of going off by itself after the hammer being locked right?

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