Utah pair indicted for child prostitution

Hopkins and Young
Hopkins and Young

South Salt Lake couple faces child sex trafficking charges:

Two indicted in sex trafficking case:

The pair you see are DeWayne Eugene Hopkins, 27, and Julia Young, 19, both of South Salt Lake, Utah. They’ve been federally indicted for recruiting three girls under the age of 18 for the purposes of prostitution.

Specifically Hopkins is accused of being the pimp and Young his recruiter. They allegedly posted inappropriate pictures of the girls on such sites as craigslist, backpage and cityvibe and advertised them as escorts for erotic massages. Hopkins would coach the girls on how much to charge for certain things and Young would set up the ‘appointments’. Since they posted pics of the girls on the websites they’re also facing child porn charges.

I hate to keep flogging a deceased equine but how can anyone call this crime victimless.

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  • I love how stupid some criminals are to try to pull off prostitution over the internet.

    I learned a lot about Human Trafficking when I went to Korea about 6 or 7 years ago. It’s really a shame that it happens and after watching the Dateline thing about the very young girls in Thailand being pimped out it made me sick. I just dont understand how 3people can do that. Steal a child innocence. How are they supposed to live a normal life outside or after that.

    On another note, the first time I tried to go in Craigslist.org a couple of years ago, I typed in craigslist.com or something like that and it brought up a porn site. I also learned that Dick’s Sporting Goods online is not Dicks.com. That one kind of caught me off guard but I felt pretty stupid that I would think that dicks.com would lead me elsewhere.

  • In Charlotte there’s an Old Navy next to a Dick’s so when you read the sign outside of the shopping center it looks like Old Navy Dicks.

  • 😥

    I grew up with that girl.

    She’s actually a really good person… I can’t believe she got caught up in this thing.

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