Anderson gets life without parole

Life without parole for Craigslist killer:

Judge Mary Theisen handed down the sentence of life without parole for Michael John Anderson in the shooting murder of Katherine Ann Olson. She wasn’t shy in telling Anderson how she felt either…

“Why did you do this? You are the only one who knows and I won’t pretend to understand it,” Theisen said, adding that Anderson was a “coward” when he shot Olson — when Theisen believes she was “running for her life.”

“You have shown no remorse and I have no empathy for you,” Theisen said before handing down the life sentence. She added that Anderson must pay restitution of $6,500 from his prison wages to reimburse Olson’s family for her funeral expenses.

Anderson was emotionless as usual during his sentencing and did not say anything on his own behalf.

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  • ugh, im happy he got life and all, but couldn’t we just kill him and send his body over to some 3rd world country for food? i mean, christ, this kid could feed a whole civilization, and it would be the best thing he ever did with himself..

  • I agree with killing the killers but I would never subject someone else to have eat his sorry ass. just kill him and dump him in the would save everyone alot of time and money.i am sick of people who say we should reform them.some people should not get the chance for reform.they dont deserve it.this is one of those sorry to say the world is not just and some people need to die to keep the rest of us safe!!!

  • “couldn’t we just kill him and send his body over to some 3rd world country for food?”

    Eating his dead body would probably poison the entire nation, and then the UN would be all over our asses for mass genocide. 😯

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