Cook County lawsuit against craigslist dismissed

Judge: Craigslist not liable for prostitution ads:

The lawsuit filed against craigslist by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has been dismissed by a U.S. District Judge. If you’ll recall Sheriff Dart filed a highly publicized lawsuit against craigslist for their thinly veiled ads for prostitution. At one point Sheriff Dart called craigslist the biggest pimp in the country. I can’t say I disagree.

What I also can’t disagree with is the dismissal of the suit. In a perfect world craigslist would be held responsible for all the crime that happens within their pages but this world is far from perfect. In reality this suit was an attempt by the Cook County Sheriffs Department to put pressure on craigslist to do something about the prostitution on their site. In a way it kind of worked because shortly after the suit was filed craiglsist put new measures in place to limit the number of prostitution ads on their site. The new measures were largely ineffective though.

However in typical smug fashion craigslist El Jefe Jim Buckmaster posted on the official craigslist blog about the suit being dismissed. Buckmaster’s post is basically him doing the victory dance over the corpse of the lawsuit. You’ll notice not once does Buckmaster say something about how he’s committed to removing prostitution and other crime from craigslist. But even if he did I wouldn’t believe it until he does something that’s actually effective in limiting crime on his site.


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