Is this the first backpage murder?

Woman Arrested in Murder Case:

To my knowledge this is the first post I’ve made that links a murder to the Village Voice Media owned

The body of Jiro Kanazawa was found in a Nashville motel. He allegedly responded to a backpage ‘escort’ ad placed by 21-year-old Courtney Hambric. Kanazawa was shot and killed after an alleged burglary attempt. Police in Nashville have arrested Hambric but police are looking for Harold Doss and Christopher Doss and a third unidentified man.

No matter what side you are on of a prostitution transaction you are taking your life in your hand.

In typical fashion I haven’t seen any comments from Village Voice Media. Nor have I seen the mainstream media coming down on backpage like they have on craigslist, not that craigslist doesn’t deserve it. Also no headlines decrying these suspects as The Backpage Killers.


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