WA craigslist rapist gets nine to life

Man who impersonated cop to coerce sex with women sentenced to prison in Washington state:

I originally posted about Sasidhar Vanapalli here. He was the man from India who posed as a police officer in order to rape to craigslist escorts.

This past Friday he was sentenced to 9 years to life in Washington state prison. He has to serve at least nine years but could be kept behind bars for life if he is ruled as a potential danger. If he is released he will be deported back to India.

It seems that he tried to throw himself on the mercy of the court…

Vanapalli tearfully pleaded for mercy. He cited his upbringing in an educated family and his accomplishments as a Microsoft employee, a scholar and a table-tennis champion in India.

I guess that’s what happens when you come from a country that still has a caste system.

I don’t think his ping-pong skills are going to help him where he’s going.

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  • True that there is a caste system in India – but WTF has it got to do with this? You condescend as if you have conveniently forgotten the shit you have done with the native indians and the blacks…. go and read that first

    • Except you’re comparing apples to oranges. We’re talking about a man who was raised in a higher end part of the caste system in India who raped women whom he probably thought beneath him in a very caste-like way.

      When I post a story about a white guy who rapes a minority woman and goes on about his education and upbringing like Vanapalli did then I would call him out on that too.

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