All he wanted for Christmas was a hot young boy

Bail lowered in sex solicitation case:

You know how when someone says if you look up such and such in the dictionary it would have his picture? I think if you looked up child molester in the dictionary it would have this guy’s picture.

Anyway, Webster over there is 54-year-old Richard E. Woodward of Brunswick, Maryland. He’s been arrested on charges of sexual solicitation of a minor and child pornography. It seems that he allegedly posted an ad on craigslist that said “all I want (for) Christmas is a young hot boy,”. 

Someone on craigslist tipped off police who posed as a 14-year-old boy. Woodward allegedly sent the ‘boy’ a link to a website containing child porn.

Notice that someone called police about the ad. Notice there was no mentioned of the ad being flagged on craigslist. I wouldn’t really call that ‘community policing’ as craigslist would refer to it.

Thanks to Bay for the tip.

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