Florida sex offender placed ad for models on craigslist

Frank McCann
Frank McCann

Frank McCann of Gainesville, Florida allegedly posted an ad on craigslist seeking models for an ‘exercise video’.

A 21-year-old woman responded to the ad and met McCann in a public place with a few friends. Good for her for taking precautions.

She got a bad vibe from the get go. McCann only identified himself as Frank and gave the woman an address to meet him at to film the video and she would get $300.

Being creeped out the woman checked the address that McCann allegedly provided and it came up on the sex offender registry.

Placing a craigslist ad is a violation of McCann’s parole so he was picked up by police.

McCann was convicted in Georgia in 2005 of false imprisonment, lewd and lascivious molestation of a victim age 12 to 15 and sexual performance of a child (possessing a photo or picture).

So it sounds like to me he molested a kid, possibly recorded it, and barely did any time for it. So where did he go to possibly find new victims? Craigslist of course.

And who actually watches exercise videos anymore?

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