Dyslexic craigslist pervert goes to wrong house twice

Richard Zeh
Richard Zeh

Creepy Craigslist Posting Leads to Arrest:

Someone in the West Hartford, CT area posted a phony ad on craigslist saying that a soccer mom wanted to have group sex and listed an address. Not surprisingly some idiots believed it was real and went to the address listed. Six idiots showed up at the address listed and were turned away without incident.

29-year-old Richard Zeh also responded to the ad however his lawyer claims because of his dyslexia he went to the wrong house. At that house was an 18-year-old girl who told Zeh that he had the wrong house. Then police say that Zeh went to the address listed in the ad and was turned away like all the others.

Apparently Zeh must not have been satisfied with that response because he allegedly went back to the house with the 18-year-old girl and groped her before taking off.

Zeh’s lawyer also claims that he has ‘psychological issues’. I think by psychological issues he means that he’s a dumbass. Not because he has dyslexia but because he believed a craigslist ad that solicited group sex from a woman.

Listen up you cretins who cruise the casual encounters section on craigslist. The ads that solicit group sex and rape fantasies from women are fake. When you see one and think that this one looks legit it’s not. It never will be. So stop thinking with your dicks, get off of craigslist and maybe you’ll get to stay out of jail.

Police are still looking for the loser that had nothing better to do than post the ad.

Even better is that at the time of his arrest Zeh requested to call his attorney and his wife. I bet he had a hell of a time explaining why he got arrested.

Also an 80-year-old man dressed as Santa Claus showed up to the house listed in the ad. I bet that instead of reindeer he had a windowless van.

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