Craigslist pervert can’t play the dyslexia card

Richard Zeh
Richard Zeh

‘Craigslist’ Suspect Says Boredom Prompted Him To Answer Sex Ad:

Remember the alleged dyslexic craigslist pervert Richard Zeh? If not catch up here.

Anyway he claims that he responded to the obviously fake craigslist group sex with a soccer mom ad because he was bored. Oh I’m sorry. “Very bored”. Oh, well that explains everything then. Off you go. You don’t grope an 18-year-old girl because you’re bored and you think she’s playing hard to get. Especially when you have a wife and child.

It also turns out that maybe it wasn’t a dyslexic accident that Zeh went to the 18-year-old girl’s house since the girl claims she recognized Zeh as her former personal trainer.

He allegedly said that the fear the victim was experiencing as ‘sexual tension’. Then when he went back to the girl’s house he allegedly said that “Just so you know I’d rather [have sex with] you than her.”

By the way, he’s been released on bail. Sleep sound West Hartford.

The ad poster has been arrested as well. I’ll have more on that as soon as I can.

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