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Craigslist CEO Jim ‘Pimp Daddy’ Buckmaster has descended from his Bay Area ivory tower to blog about the New York Times article that alleges that at least a third of craigslist’s money is made from the prostitution ads and that they are no longer donating the sex ad money to charity. You can see Jimmy’s latest blog posts here and here.

However hell has partially frozen over because Jimmy and myself actually agree on something and that would be Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

I’ve been no fan of Blumenthal ever since he called out MySpace to protect kids from molesters rather than telling parents to do their damn jobs because MySpace isn’t a voter. Jimmy asks why isn’t Blumenthal picking on other outlets that have advertising for prostitution, even though he calls it adult services. That’s where Jimmy and myself agree because not only should Blumenthal be going after craigslist but also the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com as well.

However that’s where the happy agreement party ends.

As usual Jimmy B is quick to point out that since all these other avenues have ‘adult services’ (read: prostitution/human trafficking ads) then it’s ok for craigslist to do it. Never once does he address the real concerns in his blog posts. He doesn’t address whether or not craigslist is still donating the sex ad money to charity or not or whether or not that craigslist makes a third of its income from those ads.

And again he states how high and mighty craigslist is when it comes to legal matters…

Of the thousands of US venues that carry adult service ads, including ones operated by some of our largest and best known companies, craigslist has done the best and most responsible job of combating child exploitation and human trafficking. Period. We would challenge anyone to find a company that goes anywhere near the lengths to which CL does.

I can think of several Jimmy. They would be the ones who don’t offer virtually anonymous ads that facilitate to child prostitution, human trafficking and rapes.

If you truly want to be a leader in your industry Jim remove adult services, remove casual encounters, or they will not only be the bane of craigslist’s existence but they will also be the cause of craigslist’s fall.

If you truly cared about child exploitation and human trafficking you would remove those sections.

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