Craigslist home invasion leads to murder

Man killed, family assaulted in Craigslist home robbery:

Another craigslist related killing has happened this time in Edgewood, Washington.

A family had listed a diamond ring for sale on craigslist which sparked a home invasion.

43-year-old James Sanders was shot and killed in the invasion and his wife and son were assaulted during the attack.  Sanders was allegedly trying to protect his son when he was shot multiple times.

Police are looking for a woman and three men who are believed to be the perpetrators.

Police believe the suspects are also involved with another home invasion in Lake Stevens, Washington where they struck the home of a family advertising a flat screen TV on craigslist.

Below is the police sketch of the male suspects from the Lake Stevens invasion.


Once again yet another victim to the anonymity of craigslist. I’ve lost count again to how many craigslist murders this is but I want to say 15.

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