Buckmaster Blogs: Brad Stone, Backpage and Twitter


Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster (pictured) has been a blogging fool as of late. Not as prolific as say me for example but taking time away from counting his stacks of money made off of exploited women and children is unusual for Jimmy B. Anyway as usual when he speaks, or writes in this case, he again sounds like a dictator who doesn’t realize that his country is crumbling around him.

For example in this post Mr. Buckmaster claims that Brad Stone, the NY Times journalist who claims that craigslist is no longer donating the sex ad money, has violated several tenets of journalistic ethics. So someone who defends their website that allows people to engage in human trafficking, child prostitution and rape among other crimes accuses someone of not having ethics. Someone get Guinness on the phone because I think we have the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black ever. Or have Alanis Morrisette sing that Ironic song for me.

Also in the same post once again Buckmaster points the finger at Village Voice Media owned Backpage.com for also facilitating child prostitution and human trafficking. That part we agree on because I believe the politicians should be going after Village Voice Media and Backpage as fiercely as they go after craigslist. However Jim just because Backpage does it does not make it ok for craigslist to engage in such activity. Apparently Jimmy’s mother never had the ‘if your friends jumped off of bridge’ lecture with him.

In his most recent post Jim tells us that there is a Twitter campaign to have the personals removed from craigslist as well. As an aside if you’ll notice the URL of Jimmy’s post you’ll notice that the original title of his post was True Colors Are Showing. Anyway while the twitterverse is calling for the end of craigslist personals you’ll note that for the most part it’s because of Brad Stone’s article about the human trafficking on craigslist. However Jimmy takes it as some kind of religious attack because as he says some people have a problem with sex outside of marriage. I just can’t get my head around how clueless this guy is.

I can think of a few rapes that have been set up over the casual encounters section not to mention countless cases of harassment, sexual assaults, and child molestation. Yet El Presidente Buckmaster seems to think this is some kind of Christian imperative asking him to shut down the personals section.

It’s no jihad or message from God Jimmy. It’s a call to your basic human decency which every day that goes by I am convinced you lack.

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