17-year-old kidnapped and sold as sex slave on criagslist

Teen Sold as Sex Slave on Craigslist:

This is one of those must read articles.

It’s a horrifying story about a woman whose 17-year-old developmentally disabled daughter was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave on craigslist.

Imagine getting this call from police…

After a week, Vicki got a late-night call from authorities. “They told me they’d found my daughter. And that she was alive. And in that brief moment of , ‘Oh my god my daughter’s alive, she’s okay,’ it was followed with ‘But I’m sorry to tell you… Are you sitting down?'”

The victim’s mother also had this to say about craigslist…

“Pull the plug. Now. Pull the plug,” Zito says. “Do you have to have the erotic section of your web site to be profitable? Or in order to stay in business? Because if that’s what it takes for you to stay in business? You shouldn’t be in business.”

Yet Jimmy B keeps sticking his head in the sand like the evil ostrich that he is.

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