Ezekiel Alon Hampton sentenced for a crime that is supposedly not happening on craigslist

Tacoma man sentenced for pimping teens on Craigslist:

Here’s some more child prostitution and human trafficking that’s not happening on craigslist and that they’re not making money off of.

32-year-old Ezekiel Alon Hampton was sentenced to 13-years in federal prison for two counts of interstate transportation of a minor, one count of interstate transportation for prostitution and two counts of sex trafficking of a minor.

It seems that he liked to pimp out young girls in a few different states on craigslist from 2006 to 2008. That’s back when craigslist was not making as much money off the ads then.

At least one of the girls was 14 and they were all runaways. He used them as drug mules as well.

But it’s not because of craigslist. *wink wink*

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