The craigslist conundrum in Chicago

Is Craigslist Fighting Sex Trade Or Feeding It? Reporting:

Again it appears to be doing both which once again I refer to the craigslist conundrum. Can you really do both and make a difference at the same time? Maybe, but craigslist could make a bigger difference by shutting down the prostitution ads completely.

Craigslist recently made a $50,000 donation to the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation. I don’t blame them for taking the money. Any little bit helps to fight human trafficking but again since craigslist makes a ton more money than that from the ads so in the grand scheme of things they are hurting more than they are helping.

But just for kicks let’s hear from a former prostitute…

“Craigslist is the biggest pimp in America,” said former prostitute Brenda Myers Powell.

She’s not the first person to say that I doubt she’ll be the last.

And is it just coincidence that craigslist made a donation to a Chicago organization since Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has been all over them like stink on a skunk?

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