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I originally posted about New York attorney Pete Gleason and his crusade against the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com here.

It seems that Mr. Gleason has upped the ante by approaching Village Voice Media’s advertisers and he’s gone after a big one in the form of the Disney Corporation.

Here is an excerpt of the letter that Mr. Gleason sent to Disney…

Ms. Zenia Mucha
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications

Dear Ms. Mucha,

Greetings, my name is Pete Gleason and I am an attorney based in Tribeca. I am very active in my community and would like to share with you a concern myself and many other parents have with regard to the free weekly publication, The Village Voice, distributed from self serve kiosks on our public streets. Perhaps it should be a concern of Disney that The Village Voice promotes both prostitution and Disney as one of their paid advertisers.

Here is an example of the Village Voice’s Backpage.com.

The Village Voice proudly lists Disney as one of their premier Advertisers

Unfortunately, in the hard copy Village Voice, just pages away from advertising for Disney movies, are display ads promoting prostitution.

The following web site outlines just how systemic a problem the sex industry has become and the Village Voice’s relationship thereto.

I can only imagine that Disney would not want to risk its reputation on being affiliated with any entity that profits from the exploitation of others.

The courtesy of a reply would be appreciated so that I can share your thoughts on this matter with the other concerned parents.
I remain

Very Truly Yours
Pete Gleason, esq.

I knew The Mouse was involved in some very shady business practices but I didn’t know they would cozy up to those who would facilitate not only human trafficking but child prostitution.

That doesn’t sound like the family friendly company they claim to be these days.

Uncle Walt must be spinning in his fridge.

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