Phoenix teen pimped out on Backpage

Female teens ‘pimped out’ 14-year-old runaway on website:

18-year-old Savoya Mansfield and 19-year-old Mattique Johnson of Phoenix are accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and pimping her out on the Village Voice Media owned

The pair met the victim, who is a runaway, at a party and said they would let her stay with them if she ‘earned her keep’

The pair are accused of taking extremely explicit photos of the victim and posting them on Backpage not to mention making the girl sleep in a closet along with threatening her if she tried to run off.

Luckily it seems according to the article that the potential johns realized that she was too young and walked out.

The girl’s family were able to track her down.

Now usually when these kind of stories happen on craigslist the media usually tries to contact craigslist for a comment yet I never see them trying to contact Village Voice Media for a comment. I wonder why that is.

Actually I think I know why that is. They don’t want to step on the toes of their fellow ‘journalists’.

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