Downtown Independent Democrats urges pols to crack down on Backpage

I was sent a press release from the Downtown Independent Democrats who say they are the oldest and largest progressive Democratic organization in lower Manhattan.

The press release contained the candidates they have endorsed for the next New York elections and that’s their prerogative. I’m not too pleased that they’ve endorsed current New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for the office of Governor. I’ve expressed my disdain for Cuomo before as being nothing more than a political opportunist in the mold of his fellow AG from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal.

Anyway, my political opinions aside, DID endorsed a human trafficking resolution that not only targets craigslist but surprisingly the Village Voice Media owned Backpage as well.

“Downtown Independent Democrats (DID) support Mayor Bloomberg’s new public education campaign to end human trafficking. DID calls upon the next NY State Attorney General join with the 39 other state Attorneys General to monitor Craigslist for human trafficking ads and to set rigorous screening standards. Behind the facade of these ads lies a well-documented world of human trafficking and child exploitation. In addition, we ask that other publications and sites, such as Backpage, be held to the same accountability. DID also commends Brooklyn District Attorney Hynes’ announcement of a new unit and hotline to crack down on such trafficking.”

While I’m glad they are trying to bring attention to the problem of human trafficking on craigslist and Backpage I wish they would have mentioned that Backpage is owned by the darling of New York City in the Village Voice.

However the positive note on this is that The Voice has always been left of center. If they’re losing the support of other progressives in their own hometown maybe they’ll actually do something about the human trafficking not only on their websites but within their publications.

Except I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

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