Craigslist to stop sale of Shakespeare tickets, sales of women and kids still ok


Craigslist Stops Selling Public Theater’s Free Tickets:

Isn’t this so community minded of craigslist? They’re working with the Public Theater in New York City to make sure that no tickets to Shakespeare In The Park are sold on their website. The tickets are supposed to be free but they are limited.

After the Attorney General’s Office notified Craigslist of the problem, Craigslist voluntarily agreed to take down existing ads and work with the Public Theater to remove any future ads selling tickets that are meant to be free.

So let me get this straight. Craigslist is willing to review their site for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park after being contacted by the AG’s office yet they claim they can’t do anything about the prostitution and human trafficking on their site? Are you kidding me?

Nice priorities you have there craigslist. Or is this just throwing a bone to New York Attorney General, and gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Cuomo?

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