Possible craigslist killing in Houston

HPD: Dead Teen Solicited Money For Sex On Craigslist:

There has been a possible craigslist related killing in Houston, Texas.

19-year-old Sarah Weyrick was found on June 2nd. She had been stabbed multiple time in the neck and her body was found in her partially burned out car.

Prior to her death she posted ads on craigslist in the personals and the casual encounters section asking for money.

Her post read, “Need help with a couple on bills — just two bills. Tough times call for drastic measures.”

So far no suspect has been named and no arrest has been made. It’s not even known at this time if the killer responded to her ad on craigslist however it would not shock me if they were though.

Anyone with any information on Weyrick’s death is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Ladies, if you’re that desperate for cash get a webcam and a PayPal account. While just as degrading it is a lot safer. Not completely safe but safer.

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