Craigslist tot touching tutor trips up

Brett J. Zagorac
Brett J. Zagorac

Craigslist ad tutor accused of child molesting to stay in jail:

I originally posted about Brett J. Zagorac here. He’s the former teacher who used the alias of BJ Wilhelm in order to allegedly molest kids by posing as a tutor on craigslist.

He was arrested in Portage, Indiana for allegedly inappropriately touching a 5-year-old boy that he was tutoring.

He was released on bond and part of the agreement was that he did not tutor any minor and was not to be left alone with a minor.

Pedophiles being what they are he did not meet that agreement as he allegedly tutored a 7-year-old girl from Evanston, Illinois. No word if he touched the girl but he was being investigated by Evanston police at the time.

So for violating the agreement Zagorac has been returned to jail to await his trial.

I’m sure it was only his love of teaching that caused him to violate the terms of his bond. And If you believe that I’ve got some Nebraska beach front property to sell you.

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  • Any yet when the boy testified on the stand, the only thing he said this gentlemen ever did to him was pat his head and pat his back – nothing more. He should not have been found guilty of anything – he was acquitted of battery but found guilty of a simple battery. I guess all teachers, coaches, and educators should be found guilty of battery now since they’re also just as guilty of touching students.

    • Let’s see. He has a record of being accused of inappropriate touching everywhere he goes it seems. He used a fake name to get a tutoring job and when ordered to stay away from kids he couldn’t. Big difference there from all teachers and coaches if you ask me.

      • I am a mother of 5 children and I absolutely agree with Edward H.  Your wrong Trench Reynolds.  If all this poor man did was pat some kid on the back and head, a) it’s not inappropriate and b) it’s certainly not a criminal act.  What is society coming to when you can’t even pat or rub a child on the back or head?  As a mother of 5 children, I truly understand the endless benefits that positive touch can have on children.  I rub my children’s backs all the time and they love it.  I’m actually scared to admit that since I am probably committing battery in the minds of some people.  If the state was so concerned about someone using an alias on the internet, then they should have charged him with that – they did not.  Sounds like this bozo prosecutor needs a new line of work.    

  • True enough. He scammed them on Craigslist under an assumed name. Could be doing the same here.

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