Buckmaster responds to the WaPo


Craigslist accused of promoting ‘prostitution’:

This is an article from the BBC about craigslist’s recent woes as it concerns all the accusations of prostitution, human trafficking and child prostitution. Nothing that I haven’t posted about already but the article says that craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster recently wrote to the Washington Post. Could it have anything to do with the full-page ad taken out in the Post by The Rebecca Project? Here’s what Jimmy B. had to say to the Post…

“Scapegoating advertising services is a very unfortunate misdirection of attention and energy from the tough choices, hard work, and significant investments required for addressing actual causes of, and making actual progress against the scourges of trafficking and child exploitation,” he wrote.

Does that make sense to anyone? I mean besides being a giant run on sentence does it make any sense what so ever?

No apologies to MC or AK or any other victim of craigslist trafficking. Just a corporate BS statement that doesn’t accomplish or mean anything.

What’s really scary is this guy has supporters and fans who are just as blind as he is when it comes to human trafficking on craigslist and they don’t get any of that $30 Million from the sex ads.

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  • What? I read it 5 times, and it sounds like ‘Fed-speak’, no offense to you great Federal workers out there, but the heavies at the top like to make complete and multiple paragraphs just like that that are just double talk, going around in a circle with no real content.
    Jimmy B. is a great “back and fill” guy….that’s all it sounds like to me, pure deflecting.

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