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I’ve blogged about Malika Saada Saar before here. She’s the Executive director of the Rebecca Project for Human Rights. She is also the person responsible for bringing the plight’s of sex trafficking victims MC and AK to light and helping to place the ads with their story in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post.

In one of Jim Buckmaster’s diatribes on his blog he calls Ms. Saar to task for taking the prosecution records of AK and MC’s traffickers to CNN and to craigslist as per his audacious request. I haven’t seen the piece as I was away last week but as usual Jim Buckmaster has no class. (insert your own Fat Albert joke here)

In his blog post Jimmy B keeps using the sarcasm quotes by calling Ms. Saar an ‘advocate’ implying that she’s not really an anti-human trafficking advocate for those of you that are sarcasm deficient. Buckmaster says that by taking the court records to CNN Ms. Saar has put the lives of MC and AK in jeopardy since he claims that the court record numbers are visible from the report. Which may be true since I have yet to see the report.

However Jimmy fails to see the flaw in his twisted logic. Craigslist is where these girls were trafficked. It was the site that he runs that made the most available avenue for not only MC and AK but for scores of other women and children to be trafficked with so much of a mouse click. If it wasn’t for the ‘adult services’ section (now that’s how you use sarcasm quotes) the majority of these women and children would not be trafficked.

Yet Mr. Buckmaster plays the proverbial ostrich by continuing to stick his head in the sand of reality.

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  • it is obscene that he would go so far as to mock the people who are actually making a difference for the victims of these crimes.

    btw, i have tried to post a few comments to the blog that have never made it past moderation. clearly the CL blog is not friendly to discussion or dissent. you must be a member of the cult of craig to play.

  • That is absolutely correct as my comments never get approved on the official craigslist blog. As I’ve said before it’s like watching the propaganda arm of a failing dictatorship.

  • I may try to post something there later, but I’d like to point out that they are once again attempting to remove the responsibility from themselves and placing it on everyone else. They refuse to accept responsibility for who is using their site and how they’re using it, and placing that responsibility on the advocates who are trying to get them to actually do something useful (and their own customer base, those using the site.) I see this behavior all the time coming from RSOLers, pro-pedophile activists, etc. Their’s is just an indirect form of exploitation and child sexual abuse.

    Craig and Jim are as bad as those who are pimping children out on their site. Who cares how many children lose their innocence (or lives) so long as they get that $5-10 per ad? It all adds up when you consider just how many children are being trafficked on CL.

  • “I see this behavior all the time coming from RSOLers, pro-pedophile activists, etc. Their’s is just an indirect form of exploitation and child sexual abuse.”

    I would not at all be surprised to find out that Bucky is a sexual deviant. It’s got to be more than money….

  • That thought had crossed my mind, as well.

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