44 arrested in craigslist and backpage prostitution ring


77-year-old man, pregnant woman, teen among dozens charged in prostitution sting:

Hot off the heels of their craigslist sting of 15 alleged child predators the Polk County Sheriff’s Department in Florida has produced another major bust.

This past weekend they arrested 44 said to be part of a prostitution ring that did business on both craigslist and the Village Voice Media owned backpage. Among those arrested were a 77-year-old pimp, a pregnant woman and a 17-year-old girl.

I’m not going to list the women because a lot of them are victims themselves but I will list some of the highlights. I’ll be listing some of the men who either solicited or profited.

Virgil Stanton, 77, of Auburndale is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution.

Shedy Ibrahim, 25, of Orlando is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Cannabis with intent to sell, Possession of Cannabis, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Gerald Thomason, 19, of Lake Wales is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and Resisting without Violence.

Lawson Bracewell, 23, of Deltona is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution.

Jerome Holt, 23, of Lutz is charged with Soliciting another for Prostitution.

Randy Casey, 29, of Sanford is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution.

Kabir S. Sanchez Diaz, 25, of Orlando is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Raymond Lewis James, 33, of Tampa is charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution.

Joseph Renfort, 34, of Winter Haven is charged with Soliciting another for Prostitution.

Justin Shelley, 36, of Tampa is charged with Soliciting another for Prostitution.

These people are the real problem and should be jailed for a long time. Give them a sentence that really hurts and not some damn fine. If you want to do something serious about prostitution jail the pimps and johns. Cut off both the supply and the demand.

This story does bring up two issues though.

The first shows that craigslist isn’t really moderating the adult services ads. If they were then how did their ads get past the moderators? The police didn’t place these ads, they just responded to them.

The second is that Village Voice Media obviously doesn’t give a crap about child prostitution and human trafficking and they still escape most media and legal outrage.

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  • your geebo site isn’t stopping traffickers from posting.

    they just dont bother cuz nobody uses it.

    i wouldn’t post on your geebo site if you paid me




    • All caps just shows how much of an idiot you are. If you paid any attention you’d know that craigslist was not the only site targeted with this bust.

      I wonder what has the ‘hobbyists’ and their hobbies all worked up tonight.

      • Try reading shakespeare instead of leering at adult content on the internet since it obviously offends you so much. Shakespeare was a big fan of hobby-horses, not “hobbies”.

        I did read that the bust targeted both the village voice and craigslist but since I happen to advertise on both, I know that craigslist is the ONLY ONE that works with law enforcement.

        Just like this bust:

        that ring operated SOLELY on craigslist when it was BUSTED.
        But it initially operated on the village voice and other local newspapers.

        Maybe you should get ALL NEWSPAPERS shut down.

        I used to advertise in my local paper but at $150 week, eh.
        It’s a little steep. I think it’s not really fair to charge so much when the other services only have to pay $16 for an ad.

        It’s almost like EXPLOITATION, doncha think Intelli-Pants ?


        • You know, you’re almost as bad as the pimps and traffickers themselves. All you care about is how much cash you can make whoring yourself out rather than the plight of the women and children that are being forced to do that against their will.

          • But you don’t care just about the children and women being exploited, which are in the extremely small minority.  You want to go after every single case of consenting adults doing this. BP promotes indoor prostitution….out of your sight and mind. Why go after that part of it?

            Maybe because you cannot even stand the thought of that? Sad, really sad.  

      • Look at some stats for home many men have partaken in this.  It is up there aroun 30%….having it illegal is just as silly as having pot illegal. Pot is another crime where they go after all aspects…supply and demand, but mostly demand. It does NOTHING, but I am sure you support that as well. 

  • http://www.jennapurrlattte.com
    Visitors to my website MUST BE 18 years and over..

    I am a Busty ADULT &amp LEGAL &amp LICENSED companion in arizona.

    I’m also one of the MANY single mothers who used to advertise on Craigslist.


  • I’m sorry. Your comment has been marked as spam.

  • This mentality is ignorant and harvests rapes. If you dare to discuss it, hit me with your best.

  • ” If you want to do something serious about prostitution jail the pimps and johns. Cut off both the supply and the demand. ”

    You are and idiot. People love sex. Not everyone can get it on their own, some have to pay for it. You will never, I repeat, NEVER get rid of the demand for sex. It’s the worlds oldest profession for a reason.

    I’m not defending pimps. Nor am I sticking up for johns or abused children. But grown women can make their own decsions. There’s all this talk about how women are supposed to be equal, but in the same breath we talk about how the women are “getting abused” by their pimps, they “live in fear” of leaving them.

    FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WOMAN. You are a person just like your pimp. You choose what to do with your life. Oh? You got addicted to crack when you were 17 and now it’s 5 years later and you’re turning tricks to get your fix, all because daddy touched you when you were little? Wonder where YOU went wrong. Maybe it was making some piss poor decisions in your life, and it’s about time you start thinking about how to get out of the vicious cycle you’ve caught yourself in.

    The absolute ignorance of people astounds me. To think that you can “get rid” of prostitution is just stupid. If we take down one pimp, three more jump in to fill the gap. Are you going to arrest every horny, desperate man in the country (except vegas) because he’s choosing to spend his money on a lady of the night?

    Lastly, in case you missed my point, castrate the pimps with the underage prostitutes. Scum of the earth. Legalize and regulate prostitution in the US.

    • You could not be any more ignorant. Have you talked to anybody who was put out on the streets by a pimp? No, you haven’t.

      Guess what Sparky, I have. It’s not as easy as you think it is to get off the streets. If you get caught walking away you can be killed or your family can meet with violence.

      And yes you can get rid of prostitution except no government in the US has the balls to do anything about it.

      By the way you sound like someone who pays for sex.

      • I don’t see how you can call someone ignorant then claim 2 paragraphs later that it’s possible for a government to “get rid” of prostitution. Please explain how this can be done.

        • Give pimps and johns real sentences instead of fines and tickets. Make the risk greater than the reward.

          • As I already said below, the child and forced prostitution crimes seem to exist whether or not P is legal or illegal. If something is illegal, it tends to drive all areas of it underground. Everything will always still happen, just like with alcohol or the current idiocy of persecuting drug users. Prostitution will always exist. Make it legal, get it out of the dark areas, and this way law enforcement can concentrate on the illegal areas of it rather than as a whole.

            When it is made legal, make the punishment for trafficking extremely harsh. I am talking life in prison, never to be paroled. That will deter the scumbags that are the minority in the world of consenting adults. If it does not deter them, they will be away for good.

          • “Give pimps and johns real sentences instead of fines and tickets. Make the risk greater than the reward.”

            SHould we also do the same to drug users? Maybe lock hundreds of thousands of them up for personal choices. All your way would do is cost taxpayers more money, and tax our already screwed country.

          • SHould we also do the same to drug users? Maybe lock hundreds of thousands of them up for personal choices.

            Works for me. 

          • “Works for me.”

            Of course it does, i am not at all surprised by that. Just lock away people that are choosing to affect themselves and their lives only , simply because you don’t like it. Of courselock up those that use them irresponsibly and affect others.

             Alcohol, cigarettes, guns, weapons…..hell even food, are all things that are abused by others and affect others. Alcohol is a direct cause of much crime, domestic abuse, rapes. Cigarettes and food abuse cost healthcare and society greatly. Guns are used responsibly by the vast majority of owners, but the minor few affect others greatly.

            Lets ban everything. Indoor prostitution with consenting adults has ZERO effect on you. Just like the guns, alcohol, etc….go after those that use it irresponsibly in a way that harms others.

      • ” You could not be any more ignorant. Have you talked to anybody who was put out on the streets by a pimp? No, you haven’t. ”

        Yes, I have. Again, a disgusting practice…..so go after it exclusively. The vast majority of postings on BP and (what used to be) craigslist are adults capable of making their own decision to be involved in what they are doing.

        Have you ever spoken with any of the women that are of the vast majority off BP about what they do?  Of the many I have spoken with, all of them enjoyed it for the most part. I am sure there are some negatives for them…..but it is THEIR CHOICE to be doing it. Those unwilling in it should have the pimps pursued and locked away for good.  Go after tat small minority that are abusing it and the people in it. There will always be supply and demand for prostitution, and you are foolish if you think it can be driven away.  But I am sure someone like yourself would support anything up to the death penalty to be rid of something that you just cannot stand….consenting adults having sex.

        It will be around forever. Take a deep breath, and accept that others don’t live by the same morality as you. Go after the real problem….child prostitution and human trafficking, it would be alot easier if the entire industry was not forced underground by the like of you.

        • it’s illegal so face it..if you want to be a prostitute go to nevada

          • Face what? Another STUPID law that has no place in a society that touts itself as free? 

            I don’t widh to be a prostitute, idiot, I am a man. But thank you for amking a point on Nevada, a perfect example of legal prostitution that causes no problems. Matter of fact, since it is legal and not done in hiding, it is even safer for it. All workers are tested, and sexual protectionis ALWAYS used. Look at other countries where it is also legal, they are not facing the doom and gloom that your side claim will happen. If you don’t like it, ignore it…but do not dictate to others what they should do based on your viewpoints. There are 1,000 things I cannot stand that people do, but I mind my business as long as i am not directly affected by it. Indoor prostitution between consenting adults has ZERO effect on you, so get over it.

          • Nevada isn’t the perfect example that you think it is, In Las Vegas/Clark County prostitution is still illegal. You think no problem people will just go over one county. Except Las Vegas still has a big problem with child prostitution and human trafficking. 

  • Just came across this web site off an internet search. 

    “These people are the real problem and should be jailed for a long time.”

    Aside from child and forced prostition, how are you at all affected by consenting adults, in a private setting or home, partaking in prostitution?…..which are 99.99% of the dealings with craigslist or BP. It gets it off the streets, out of sight. These women are not victims…they are doing this by choice.  Most of the women actually enjoy it and the money they make with an unskilled job.  If that choice is because of a drug habit, that is another personal choice they made. It is called personal responsibility for ones actions.

    “If you want to do something serious about prostitution..”

    What is wrong with prostitution? It has been around literally forever, and you will never be rid of it. Forced and child prostitution? Reprehensible. So go after it….work with websites to root out the extreme minority of people promoting this crap.   

    My state recently closed a loophole- a simple search will bring it up- where indoor prostitution was technically legal. They closed it under the same pretenses as you claim, to stop trafficking and child prostitution. Again, those are the things that should be pursued. The first sting they did? Netted NOTHING but consenting adults in their 20’s, 30,s, etc. It never had anything to do with what they claimed, they just want more control over what CONSENTING adults do.

    Legalize indoor prostitution…..as I said, it will never go away.  Keep street prostitution illegal, this way you will not be subject to the by far more problematic form of it. Then pursue the extreme minority that are in trafficking and child stuff. If I ever saw anything advertised that looked like a child, it would be reported in a second.

    • and how about the gilgo beach murders..more than half were prostitutes on craiglist

      • How about any other serial killer out there? Most have not used hooker ads to get their victims. How about all the rapes and murders tied directly to alcohol consumption? There are risks with anyhting, but prostitution is not much more risky than everyday activities that people don’t seem to mind. It is a COMPLETE choice if a woman or man wants to engage in prostitution or not. Yes, there are of course the miniscule amount that are forced into prostitution….so go after them. Just like porn is completely legal, yet they rightly go after pedos and their disgusting stain on what what otherwise be a mostly harmless industry when used responsibly.

        • a mostly harmless industry when used responsibly.

          You use those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.


          • Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

            Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

            Stop saying that!!

          • There are always going to be those that will be irresponsible. That is apparent in every part of our lives, drinking, driving, guns, etc. It can be regulated, and it is harmless when used by responsible people. Nevada is a perfect example, as is most of Europe. Why is it always America, land of the free (HA), that has the most laws persecuting our private lives?

          • Places in Europe, Amsterdam is the prime example, that have legalized prostitution still have the problem of organized crime shipping in the women illegally and against their will. 

            The consenting adults concept is largely a myth. 

          • Well it sounds like the crime problems exist whether or not it is legal. The consenting adults thing is a myth? What are you even talking about? Even LE will agree that the amount of child prostitution and forced prostitution is minimal at best. The overwhelming amount of people involved in online prostitution are consenting adults, whether you wish to believe that or not.

            If someone is caught shipping in women against their will, lock them away for life. It should be done now and if prostitution were legal here.

          • That’s funny because the LEOs that I talk to say the exact opposite thing to me. 

          • “That’s funny because the LEOs that I talk to say the exact opposite thing to me.”

            Because they are full of shit. It is an extreme minority of the people on there doing such things, and in most cities it is non existent. Again, if it was not driven underground by moral jerk offs, these women could have their own websites instead of resorting to posting on an essentially anonymous website. With it legal, they could charge credit cards, and there would be more traceable leads if someone was found to be exploiting children or forcing people into it.

            It is a simple fact, it has been going on forever. It will continue on forever. Murderers, rapists, and robbers are let out on short sentences, but you want to lock up more consenting adults. Same with drugs, locking them all up is a child like mentality. It is impossible. Take a deep breath, accept that others are going ot do things that go against your moral grain, and concentrate on the assholes that are irresponsible or criminal. Same thing applies with guns, alcohol, prescription and non-P pills. Lock away the assholes for good, and let people that are choosing to do these things do so. It is called being free. You will not agree with everything everyone is doing, I sure don’t.

  • What’s wrong with prostitution? The USA is probably the only country in the world where it is illegal. In the rest of the world, it is either legal, decriminalized, or winked at. And child prostitution means a 7 year old, not a 15 year old. What is wrong with you busybody creeps? If you don’t want to hire an escort, stay home with your 47 year old fat old bag.

  • the main reason there are pimps and unconsenting victims are the same reasons that there gang wars,drug lords with more money than many countries,deaths caused by drug over dose,aids spreading unchecked,to name just a few this is all a result of our laws that are put in place and defended by our so called government when the ones who are really calling the shots dont give a damm about the united states or her people  
     they all belong to the church of the almighty dollar the ones who have control of the world banks run the world 

  • legalize prostitution so women and children are not victims. Also, with mandatory health certificates and the need to pay taxes legal, prostitution is the right of all libertarians. 

    • how would legalizing prostitution get rid of woman and children victims? there will still be people out there doing this to children and woman without their consent..

  • the war on drugs is a total failure and contributing to our national interest on the debt.  etc., etc., etc., the only thing we can do and do it well is export jobs, and kill people. Oh I forgot make movies

  • It’s like a Ron Paul convention just threw up in here. 

  • There’s just something nasty about a professional that turns me on in a way a normal woman can’t.  Plus they go away.  Unlike many men, I actually have the option, women I can call paid, or unpaid.  In terms of attraction, they’re approximately the same and just like backpage, some are 2s and some are 8s. (Sadly, I don’t attract 10s nor can I afford to pay them) I wish the law would leave us alone, myself and the women.  Law enforcement seems easy enough to spot. (I’ve been doing this for a few days now).  The women I see are indepenent, or at least claim to be.  Pimps should die, so should abusive men.  Abusive women…that’s another story.  What about those women though?  Where’s a guy with a whips and chains fettish supposed to find a girl like that? Church?  We live in a control freak society.  Everybody call up 10 backpage girls and ask if they want social activists to save them from themselves.  In the words of Ron Paul, “if we legalized heroin, how many in the audience would try it?”  Law does not determine the actions of a person.  Why does society have to criminalize everything?  Do you see that the prisons are being purchased by private corperation?  There are cases in Pa where judges were taking payoffs from the prison company (I believe Wakenhut) to jail more teens.  In America, the land of the free, we have more people in prison per capita, than the not so free land of China.  Grow up and realize the needs of humanity, including people you don’t agree with.  Stop putting non-violent people in prison.

  • Many of the johns are victoms too..you ass.

  • Give me a f***ing break. Prostitution has been around for thousands of years and it will continue to be. We should just legalize it because its a natural thing for human beings to want sex. So why not pay for it and tax it just like any other service provided by others. So I ejaculated,, big f***ing deal. Did I hurt anyone? NO!!!!

    • So I guess it doesn’t matter to you if someone providing your ‘services’ is being forced to do it against their will. 

      You know what else has been around for thousands of years? Slavery. Should we legalize that too?

  • I live in a small town with a big Prostitution problem and they use Backpage. It may be the oldest of professions but when you live in a small town, you pretty much either know someone that knows someone else… Well most of the girls operating from those 3 motels have Hep and other STD’s. Amazing to see all the out of state cars parked there, who if they were’nt careful got more than they bargained for.

  • Oh please sweetie i wont list the woman as they are victims? Please now all hookers are victims?

  • Two years ago, I turned the corner to walk into my new apartment and some guy was sitting on the steps, having the audacity to tell me he was going to put me on Backpage.com. I was almost speechless at how pathetic he was. I told him there was no way in hell that I was so weak-minded that I was going to spend my hard -earned education as some worthless pimp’s income. He didn’t intimidate me one bit-he made me angry and ever since then, my passion and drive is to help combat sex slavery.

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