Man selling motorcycle on craigslist shot and killed

Brandon Kent
Brandon Kent

POLICE: Thursday murder involved botched Craigslist motorcycle sale:

Your latest craigslist killer that isn’t Philip Markoff is allegedly 26-year-old Brandon Kent. He is accused in the shooting death of 26-year-old Thai Lam in Savannah, Georgia.

Lam was selling his motorcycle on craigslist and friends say he was meeting someone to sell it at the time he was shot. Police say that Kent was leaving on Lam’s bike just as they arrived. Police chased him to an apartment complex and spotted him trying to leave in an SUV.

He’s pleaded not guilty and held without bond.

But you won’t see this story either in the mainstream media since it happened in the south. Nope, no craigslist killings from the South or Midwest. Just from Boston and New York.

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  • You need to get your story strait. He was caught by the police while leaving in my buddy’s truck and he has confessed to the killing. He also had recently had his bike stolen out of the complex and searched craigslist to see if someone was possibly trying to sell it. What he did is horrible and I don’t know if Lam had anything to do with Kent’s stolen bike. Nothing justifies what Kent did, but you need to get your story strait before spouting off about things you dont know.

  • He should be execute for the murdering Lam. Over a stupid motorcycle, it not worth a person life. I know the family member, and they are very devasted and shock by the murder.
    There’s no need of justifying about Kent, Its a clear proof of what had happen. The motorcycle was stolen by Kent, and at that time, Kent was the only only person that came over to see the bike. And police end up chasing him.

    Lam got shot in the back of the head, lying inside the garage, Kent grab the keys and took off, When his brother upstair heard the gun shot he came running down to see what going on. He saw Lam was face down, bleeded from his head, he was in extreme shock. (He could hear the motorcycle sped away.) He quickly rushed to the front door and dial 911 with his cell phone.

    Why do people like this deserve to live?

  • So what you’re saying is that your buddy’s friend is not only a killer but he’s a vigilante as well? You’re supposed to go to the cops when you’re bike is stolen and not shoot someone in the back of the head.

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