Pimp busted for backpage trafficking in Nashville

Tyree Walker
Tyree Walker

Man, Two Teen Girls Arrested In Prostitution Sting:

When there’s not a craigslist news story that doesn’t capture my attention, which is rare, the Village Voice Media owned backpage is always there to pick up the slack.

37-year-old Tyree Walker of Macon, Georgia was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee for allegedly prostituting two 17-year-old girls on backpage. Police set up the usual sting and charged him with trafficking for sexual servitude.

The girls were from Georgia and Virginia. Since he crossed state lines with minors wouldn’t he be able to be charged by the feds if they wanted to? Personally I’d rather see him serve his time in a Tennessee state prison than a federal one. Hopefully whatever jurisdiction he falls into will give him a real sentence and not some lame less than 20 years crap. You can’t combat human trafficking unless you put the traffickers away for a long time.

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