AIM says craigslist on track to make $45M from sex ads


Craigslist adult-services revenue soared: New figures for 2010 — $44.4 million:

You know how I’m always talking about how craigslist has $30 Million in reasons as to why they won’t remove the sex ads from their site. I get that figure from the AIM Group who says that craigslist was on their way to earning that much in money off the sex ads in 2010. Now craigslist has $44.4 Million in reasons as to why they won’t take the sex ads now.

After doing some new research the AIM Group is claiming that craigslist is on target to make close to $45 Million in sex ads for 2010. I’m a sure a three-day weekend of ‘censorship’ is not going to change that number much.

And just think, that kind of money can go on for a long time if nothing is done. As I learned which watching Call + Response human trafficking is one of the most profitable crimes for those involved because the ‘resources’ can be used over and over again.

I still can’t get over that this is the reputation that craigslist wants to have. I’m all for freedom of speech but where is the freedom for the women and children being trafficked on craigslist in our own country?

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