craigslist censored: Day 2


So far craigslist has still not issued a comment about the censored bar except for Susan MacTavish Best saying “Sorry, no statement.”

However there are some new aspects to the story.

Some outlets are reporting that the prostitution and human trafficking ads are migrating to the casual encounters section. I don’t doubt they are but they’ve been there ever since the change from erotic services to adult services. I can see Jimmy and Craig now saying “See, this is what we meant by the ads going into other sections.” Then again that’s the same section where people look for animal sex so as far as I’m concerned that section of the site should be shut down too.

I still think that Craig and Jim are trying to make a statement about free speech. I still think it’s a publicity stunt and adult services will be back. However I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a stunt. CEO Greg Collier also thinks it’s a stunt. The New York Time seems to be a little suspicious too.

Some legal experts are saying that if this is some kind of protest that it could severely backfire on craigslist. But as clueless as Jim and Craig are I can just see them aghast at how not everyone got behind their protest. What they don’t realize is that the right to freedom of the women and children being trafficked on craiglslist is more important than craigslist’s so-called freedom of speech.

And if craigslist has by some miracle actually removed the adult services section we still have the Village Voice Media owned to deal with.

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