Other traffickers celebrating craigslist ‘censorship’


Hub escort service cheers Craigslist ad shutdown:

I am extremely repulsed by this article. A woman who runs an ‘escort service’ in the Boston area is celebrating craigslist’s alleged shutdown of the adult services section. She basically refers to the women who ‘work’ for her as inventory…

“My business will definitely pick up,” said Julie, who advertises a “premiere” Boston-based escort service on Google and withheld her last name for legal reasons.

“With Craigslist, there’s no middleman,” she said. “It’s like going to a furniture outlet instead of Jordan’s or Cardi’s. So guys figure, ‘Why pay $200 to have a girl come here, when I can pay $120 to go see her.’ ”

Whomever this Julie character is she should be investigated for human trafficking as well.

However as I mentioned in my previous post the prostitution and trafficking ads from craigslist is leaking into the other sections. The article mentions that ‘erotic masseuses’ were now posting ads in the ‘beauty’ section. Also a member of our Facebook page also said that ads are appearing in the talent section. As I’ve said before this may be part of Jimmy and Craig’s plan to show how that craigslist needs an adult services section.

But isn’t this where craigslist’s much vaunted community policing is supposed to take effect?

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