By the way, Backpage is still around


Craigslist not the only online site for sex ads:

Finally a major news outlet is shining the light on the Village Voice Media owned While commenting on craigslist’s self-imposed censorship they mentioned that prostitution and human trafficking ads are still alive and well on backpage and they even mentioned that backpage is owned by VVM.

And taking a page out of craigslist’s book Village Voice Media could not be reached for comment by the Globe.

But let’s not stop there. Let’s also talk about the Boston Phoenix. The Phoenix is an independent newspaper in Boston that is infamous for not only being a paper that Daniel Pearl once worked for but also publicly displayed the video of Pearl being beheaded by terrorists. Let’s hear from the callous Peter Kadzis, editor of The Boston Phoenix whose paper also carries trafficking ads.

Peter Kadzis, editor of The Boston Phoenix, said he had not recently viewed the weekly’s classifieds online, but characterized any solicitation as a “victimless crime.’’ The effort to stop erotic ads on Craigslist, he said, has been “an election-year sideshow run by attorneys general running for reelection.’’

“We believe strongly in our First Amendment protection to run escort ads,’’ he said. “If there’s prostitution online, that’s for the police to deal with.’’

Ah yes, the old ‘victimless crime’ argument. That never gets old. Not to mention I think I have disproved that argument at least a few times. Well I’m going to exercise my first amendment rights by calling Kadzis a greedy coward and a blind fool who is just putting more money into the pockets of pimps and traffickers and all others who perpetrate the ‘victimless’ crime.

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