Craigslist UNcensored?


Craigslist Pulls ‘Censored’ Label From Sex Ads Area:

Craigslist removed the censored bar from where the adult services link was and lo and behold there was no adult services link underneath. As of right now there is no adult services section on U.S. versions of craigslist.

I’m not ready to celebrate yet because craigslist has yet to make any kind of official comment and you’ll excuse me if I don’t believe that craigslist has altruistic intentions with this move. I don’t care how socially conscious you think you are, no one walks away from a possible $45 Million windfall just like that.

And let us not forget even if adult services is gone for good casual encounters still exists. You know that section right? That’s the one where rapes are orchestrated, children are peddled for sex and people look for sex with dogs.

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