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Craigslist faces new wave of political attacks:

In a story that I haven’t seen get a lot of press craigslist founder Craig Newmark has been called to testify before congress this Wednesday about the topic of “domestic minor sex trafficking.” If he reacted badly to Amber Lyon’s questions I can only imagine how he’s going to react to congress.

I do agree with the article however that craigslist is being used for political gains by most of the politicians involved and that they should be calling on Jim Buckmaster to testify and not Newmark since Buckmaster officially runs things at craigslist not to mention that big wigs at Village Voice Media for backpage as well. However if this means adult services on craigslist being shut down forever then for once the ends justify the means.

This congressional invitation for Craig makes me wonder if this was the real reason that the censored bar was removed and adult services with it. This way while testifying Craig can say “Adult Services? No, that’s in the past. We had it removed.”

In my opinion nothing ever seems altruistic when it comes to craigslist and human trafficking. There always seems to be an ulterior motive behind every move they make.

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  • While I believe that he should be held accountable for human trafficking done through his site, Congress isn’t going to do that.

    This is essentially just a show trial, and it makes me as disgusted at Congress as I am with Newmark.

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