Mistrial declared in NY craigslist murder trial

John Katehis perp walk
John Katehis perp walk

Jury deadlocks in NY radio newsman’s killing:

John Katehis received a gift yesterday. The gift of hope that he might not actually spend 25 to life behind bars for the brutal murder of former radio newsman George Weber.

A mistrial was declared after a lone dissenting juror refused to budge towards conviction. I wonder what their deal is. I’m guessing that he either hated gays or was one of those kids shouldn’t be tried as adults types. Anyway none of that matters because I can’t see the people of New York allowing such a brutal killer to walk free.

I mean is anyone really buying the self-defense story? Katehis was the one who placed the ad on craigslist advertising himself for sex for money. Weber’s feet were bound and he was drunk. Is stabbing a man 50 times really self-defense? Not to mention the fact that Katehis has been acting like a complete tool since his arrest. He laughed during his confession. He came to court with ‘satanic’ scribblings on his shoes and he wouldn’t talk to the press unless he was paid.

A hearing will be held next week to determine what the next step will be.

Enjoy that glimmer of hope Katehis because you will be retried, you will be found guilty and you will be sent to prison for a long time where you’ll find out who the real badasses are.

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