Sex slave may not have been one


Craigslist ‘sex slave’ e-mail trail:

It figures. As soon as I post the story about the Wisconsin woman who claims that she was being held as a sex slave by a guy she met on craigslist it turns out that may not be the case.

The attorney for the suspect, John Hopkins, says that the woman allegedly had a BDSM type relationship for over a year and that they did not meet on craigslist.

“i yearn to serve my Master better. can i cook for you tomarrow? i love you so much.,” she allegedly wrote in the e-mail, which she signed “sub,” apparently for the S&M term submissive.

Even if that is the case John Hopkins may still be a rapist. Again I think the injuries that the victim sustained indicate rape.

More on this as details become available.

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