AIM Group: Craigslist a cesspool of crime


Craigslist research: ‘A cesspool of crime’:

The AIM Group was commissioned by classifieds site to determine the number of crimes that had been committed through craigslist in the past year. The AIM Group’s assessment is that, in their words, craigslist is a cesspool of crime.

You can see their determinations not only on the infographic above but you can also download a copy of the report in PDF form the AIM Group themselves here.

In their report the AIM Group says that even by their estimations the number of crimes associated with craigslist are probably low and I would have to agree. I believe that the numbers of murders connected with craigslist are accurate but the number of robberies and prostitution/trafficking charges seems woefully low.

The AIM Group also said in their report that craigslist can’t be held responsible for the crimes that are committed through their site, which legally is true. However if people are being brutally killed and assaulted through your website wouldn’t you take extra steps to ensure the safety of your users instead of throwing up your hands and saying “you’re at your own risk”?

Another thing that the report says is that even the normal precautions of meeting someone in a public place or doing business locally aren’t enough anymore when dealing with craigslist because criminals have become so brazen that those precautions do not even guarantee your safety anymore. Once again I agree.

As I’ve said before while craigslist started out as a good idea like most really good ideas it has become bloated and corrupt due to the facts that with craigslist being free, unmoderated and going mainstream that it has attracted the criminal element. Top it off with craigslist’s hesitation to do anything about and you do have the cesspool that the AIM Group says it is.

(In the interest of transparency this post was not reimbursed by Oodle, The AIM Group or anyone else. The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of me, Trench Reynolds.)

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