Oodle CEO responds to craigslist accusations


In his most recent blog post Oodle CEO Craig Donato responds to the accusations made by Jim Buckmaster and others about the recent study by the AIM Group commissioned by Oodle.

In his blog post Mr. Donato basically says three things.

The first is that he believes the crime stats cited by the AIM Group are solid. I have to slightly disagree but not in the way you may think. Like I said I believe the numbers were generously low but then again I’m just some guy with a website so I’ll defer to the AIM Group.

The second thing that Mr. Donatio says is something that I’ve been saying for years. Even if craigslist is safer than Oakland as Jim Buckmaster claims 12 murders in the past year connected with craigslist is still 12 too many.

Lastly Mr. Donato admits that Oodle commissioned the study and did it for marketing purposes. There was no hiding the fact that Oodle paid for the study as some have claimed. If you read the blog post and the study from the AIM Group it is clearly stated that Oodle paid for the study and can you blame them. In marketing if you have a competitor that is obviously inept in trying to protect their own users of course you’re going to go after them. The only craigslist competitor that doesn’t do that off the top of my head is backpage because they’re not trying to draw attention to themselves because they’ve taken over in prostitution where craigslist left off. But I digress.

With Oodle being the company behind Facebook Marketplace it’s obvious to me that craigslist views them as a threat and they’ve been responding, in my opinion, much like Gadhafi has been responding to his government crumbling around him.

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