AIM Group: Backpage makes more money from prostitution


Backpage continues to gain from prostitution advertising:

While the focus right now is on craigslist being labeled as a cesspool of crime let’s not forget about the other cesspool, the Village Voice Media owned

The AIM Group, a consulting group that monitors the business of online classifieds among other things, is saying in their latest report that while the ads for prostitution are down on backpage their profits from these ads are up due to the price increase for those type of ads. So basically Village Voice Media is charging the pimps and traffickers more to use their site since they know they won’t complain.

I wonder why that none of the Village Voice newspapers ever investigate their parent company over the human trafficking ads and the money they make from it. Didn’t the Village Voice used to be all about ethics?

As the Million Dollar Man once said everybody has a price.

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