craigslist is to Oakland…


Something has been bothering me ever since craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster said that craigslist is safer than the city of Oakland, California.

Now I’ll admit I can be slow on the uptake sometimes, and this is one of those times, so bear with me.

It hit me that comparing craigslist to Oakland is like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges since craigslist isn’t a city. Even a city as crime infested as Oakland has a police department that does its best to control crime. In a city as bad as Oakland it has citizens that still report crime.

Craigslist on the other hand does not have its own police force. It does not monitor its ads and does nothing to discourage criminals from committing crimes on its website. Also on the other hand craigslist’s ‘citizens’ do not report crime, ie community policing. Instead the ads that are usually flagged on craigslist are flagged by people who are engaged in illegal activity in craigslist.

So in reality the crimes that were listed by the AIM Group study are only those that were officially reported to law enforcement then the media.

God only knows how many actual crimes have been committed using craigslist as a proxy.

Instead of the cesspool of crime that craigslist is being called it may be more like an entire sewer system of crime.

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