AIM Group defends ‘cesspool of crime’ label for craigslist


Dear Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark: An open letter about crime and Craigslist:

In this blog post from AIM Group head honcho Peter M. Zollman he defends the study that the AIM Group made where they called craigslist a cesspool of crime. Mr. Zollman says a lot of the things I’ve been saying and Mr. Zollman also actually uses craigslist.

Here’s a little bit more than a snippet from Mr. Zollman.

Dear Jim and Craig —

You may feel that “just” 20 murders linked to Craigslist during the past three-and-a-half years — 12 of them during the past year alone — are acceptable. You shouldn’t.

You may be unconcerned that almost every day in the United States, someone calls police to report that they were assaulted, robbed or ripped off by someone they met through Craigslist. You should be concerned.

You may feel that “hundreds of millions or billions” of safe transactions mean that everything’s okay with Craigslist. You’re kidding yourselves.

And you may think the ridiculous analogy that Craigslist is “safer than the city of Oakland” means something. It doesn’t.

The sad fact, and I say this with great respect because I use Craigslist too, is that your site has indeed become a cesspool of crime. Despite your post that “crime is exceedingly rare on Craigslist” and Craigslist is a site of “exceptional safety,” you’re wrong.

I can’t add any more than that, I urge you to read the entire blog post from Mr. Zollman. At least someone is making sense in this debate.

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