Another GA craigslist (and backpage) rapist arrested

Darrell Delane Cash
Darrell Delane Cash

Alleged Craigslist rapist has extensive criminal history:

I’m not trying to make light of rape. It’s a horrible crime that for some victims I’m sure can be considered worse than murder. However if the State of Georgia produces another craigslist rapist I’m officially going to ask for the water to be tested.

The most recent alleged craigslist rapist is 25-year-old Darrell Delane Cash of Cobb County. He’s accused of raping and robbing prostitutes that advertised on craigslist and backpage. Police say that Cash would have them meet him in uninhabited homes in an unincorporated section of Marietta where he would rape and rob them.

I recoil in horror to think what may have happened to his victims if they went back to their pimps and told them that they were robbed of their money. Cash may have only been the tip of the violent iceberg if that happened.

Cash was arrested last week and held without bond.

This is just one more reason for craigslist to moderate its site because obviously prostitution ads are still occurring and this is yet another reason why backpage should get rid of the adult section entirely.

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  • I can’t wrap my head around men who rape. I know it’s about control… blah blah blah…. but how pathetic are you if you can’t get laid the old fashion way?

    • I agree with you April. It is aggravating too because some people will say they don’t even feel sympathy for these women for what happened because of what they are doing. I guess these people don’t understand stand free will though or the constitution. We may disagree on some other things, but I agree with this one. By the way I had no idea there were other sites that were so safe to use other than craigslist.

      • Hmmmmm.  Glad to see you visiting the other sites.  Thank you!  I think you will find that we agree on lost of things… except your cousin.  But that is neither here nor there.  I like you.

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