Oodle CEO defends study again


Shaking things up…:

Oodle CEO Craig Donato has taken to the official Oodle blog in order to once again defend the AIM Group study on craigslist crime that Oodle funded.

In it Mr. Donato once again stands by the statistics that the AIM Group cited. The problem is that the tech community has slammed Oodle and the AIM Group for going after the tech community’s sacred cow of craigslist and have totally ignored the study itself.

To that Mr. Donato had this to say…

I regret, however, that we framed the issue as an indictment of Craigslist versus a problem that plagues our industry. It devolved the dialogue – from a conversation about safety (and what could be done about it) to one about a cat fight in the industry. Our intent to create awareness and dialogue became buried in the drama of the day. That was a missed opportunity.

I believe Mr. Donato is being humble as craigslist and its supporters, who are cult like in my opinion, were the ones who started the catfight. Remember kids, if creaigslist was as safe as they claim there would be no ‘catfight’.

I feel like Mr. Donato and the AIM Group have been victims of shooting the messenger.

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