Former Cleveland cop gets 50+ years

Robert Bonness
Robert Bonness

Ex-cop gets “life” sentence:

Former Cleveland policeman Robert Bonness, 53, has been sentenced to almost 53 years behind bars.

Bonness was arrested back in October of last year for responding to a craigslist ad where a father and 12-year-old daughter were advertising for ‘a special person’. That’s code for a father was pimping out his 12-year-old daughter. Except the father was the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Bonness pleaded guilty to the charges against him back in January.

Again where was the community policing when this ad was placed. I would lay odds that it was not placed with the assistance of craigslist. Like I keep saying if you let the inmates run the asylum these are the type of ads that appear on craigslist with the ad placers having almost no fear of repercussions.

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