Craigslist home invasion killer convicted and sentenced


Gunman in Craigslist murder sentenced to 109 years:

Kiyoshi Higashi was the gunman who shot and killed James Sanders during a botched craigslist home invasion in Edgewood, Washington. Mr Sanders was selling a ring on craigslist when Higashi and his cohorts used the craigslist ad to set up a home invasion where Mr. Sanders ended up being shot and killed.

This past week not only was Higashi convicted in the murder of James Sanders but he was also sentenced to 109 years behind bars.

Higashi’s defense was that he wasn’t in the room at the time the gun was fired. He might have well just said that it wasn’t him.

Outside of a death sentence 109 years suits me just fine.

The rest of Higashi’s cohorts are still awaiting trial.

UPDATE: Other outlets are reporting that Higashi got 124 years and at his sentencing he said that only God can judge him. Why is it that I normally only here criminals and other trash say that? No, a judge can judge you and they did and gave you 100+ years.

He also called the judge a racist admitted that he killed James Sanders and claimed that he prayed for Sanders as he killed him. Well his soul better belong to Jesus because his ass is going to belong to his celly.

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