22 arrested in Florida craigslist pedo sting


Sex Sting Nets 22 Arrests:

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office in Florida arrested 22 people who thought they were meeting a 14-year-old for sex. Investigators responded to ads that people had posted looking for sex with children and posted some of their own as well. Two people who were arrested were a woman and her boyfriend.

Here’s the punchline. None of those arrested were on any kind of sex offender registry. I’m pretty sure they will be in the near future.

As usual while the article does not state it I can almost guaran-damn-tee that the ads were on the casual encounters section of craigslist. Since that section is still unmoderated by craigslist imagine how many predators are on there operating unchecked. Yet craigslist still refuses to anything about the casual encounters section like it’s some squeaky clean happy playground.

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  • someone told me turning desperate blue-balled virgin bastards into roadside cleanup slaves was good biz fo florida counties. And they was using craigslist as a recruiting station to bag dumbass cheap man labor. Wonder how Amber Lyon feels about dat shit? I bet she loses lots of sleep knowing the very website she recently criticized for selling child sex slaves is now being widely used as a tool to rake in dumb horny muthafuckin male slave laborers? You know, the kind of dudes who ain’t got the looks or cash or game to score a hot 18+ cunt like Amber fucking Lyons of CNN…

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