Runaway backpage pimp sentenced

Baruti Hopson
Baruti Hopson

Convicted Seattle pimp who fled during trial sentenced to 26 years:

I originally posted about Baruti Hopson here. He’s the backpage pimp from Seattle who was convicted of prostituting a minor but fled before he could be sentenced.

Now he’s been sentenced to 26 years behind bars but it’s not just child prostitution that Hopson was good at but he also allegedly tried to get his victim not to testify…

Hopson also attempted to persuade the girl not to testify against him in messages he sent to the account he’d set up for her, the judge was told Tuesday.

The girl’s mother read aloud some of the messages in court: “Jesus Christ our King has ordered your silence” and “Don’t show up — that’s an order from God,” Hopson allegedly wrote.

Not surprising at all since pimps and traffickers often use the threats of violence to keep their victims in line.

However what’s more saddening is that Hopson’s parents thought the sentence was too harsh…

Responding to comments from Hopson’s parents that Hopson should get a light sentence because he didn’t kill or hurt anyone, Hayden said: “All I heard … is it’s not as bad as murder. … Perhaps it’s worse than murder.”

Considering he raped and prostituted a girl when she was 15 and 16 it was probably worse than murder to his victim.

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