Donna Jou’s killer to be released early

John Steven Burgess
John Steven Burgess

Killer could get out of prison after 2 years:

I’ve posted about Donna Jou many times before. She was the 19-year-old student at San Diego State who disappeared after placing an ad on craigslist. In my estimation she was the very first victim of a ‘craigslist killer’.

Ms. Jou placed an ad on craigslist offering her services as a math tutor and through that ad she struck up a friendship with registered sex offender John Steven Burgess.

Donna Jou was last seen in the company of Burgess and was never seen again and to this day her body has not been found.

Burgess claims that he gave Donna heroin and that she OD’d and that he panicked and dumped her body in the Pacific Ocean. Burgess pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 5 years back in 2009.

Apparently the California penal system sees 5 years as two as Burgess is getting ready to be released early for ‘good behavior’.

Donna Jou’s father, Reza Jou, doesn’t believe a word that is coming out of Burgess’ mouth. He doesn’t believe that his daughter would ever engage in heroin use with a scumbag like Burgess. My words.

This Friday the 15th Donna Jou’s family and supporters will be assembling in front of the Los Angeles Criminal Justice Court building to express their warranted outrage. More details can be found at

If I could be there I would. What Reza Jou has gone through is every parent’s worse nightmare no matter what your child’s age is then to have not only this scumbag Burgess tell lies about his daughter but to have him be released early from jail on top of it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Donna Jou.

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  • 2 fucking years? there is something wrong with the world when you can give enough heroine for someone to OD, they die and you dump the body claiming you panicked, and just get 2 years in jail. somebody should shank his ass when he gets out-or in jail before then.

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