Fort Wayne prostitution arrest shows typical pimp behavior


Prostitution arrest after ad:

Police in Fort Wayne, Indiana arrested Antwone K. Davis Sr. on prostitution charges after investigating an ad on their local section of They allege that Davis was basically the woman’s pimp and some quotes in the article show that he was displaying typical pimp behavior…

A woman in the car told police she and Davis had been dating for six months and that he had come to her two months ago about “making money” through online prostitution. The woman told police Davis posted the ads, but she also told them she posted the ads, court documents said.

Davis told police his girlfriend would give him the money she received from clients, and they would share it, but later he told police she would keep the money and buy what they needed, court records said.

It sounds like to me that the woman was trying to cover up for Davis in fear of what Davis could to her. Also the fact that Davis would keep all the money shows that this woman was probably nothing more than a sexual slave for Davis with no freedom of her own.

Like I keep saying if the government really wanted to do something serious about prostitution and human trafficking then they would send these pimps to prison for some seriously long sentences.

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  • Who cares what consenting adults do? Just because someone gives their girlfriend or boyfriend money doesn’t mean they were forced to do it just because they are prostitutes . Trafficking is just a term and law used as an excuse to put some small time pimp in jail for life or 20 years. How can you justify giving someone more than a few days, weeks or months in jail when no force or minors are involved. To give someone 10 or 20 years for something that is legal in Nevada brothels is outrageous.

    • The majority of women in prostitution are hardly consenting. The whole consenting thing is a myth. You sound like either a hobbyist or a pimp that got busted that’s trying to justify their role in trafficking.

      Then again what should I expect from someone who uses Tony Montana as a screen name.

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