More on the Ill. craigslist murder

Timothy and Kimberly Smith
Timothy and Kimberly Smith

Police: Couple concocted break-in story:

Police investigating the murder of 48-year-old Kurt Milliman say that his assailant and his wife tried to concoct a home invasion self defense story. They say that Timothy and Kimberly Smith tried to make it seem that Mr. Milliman broke into the house while Timothy smith was not there.

As you may recall police say that Milliman was there because he responded to a prostitution ad on craigslist that the smith’s had placed.

Police say that Timothy Smith allegedly instructed his wife to call his cell phone to make it look like that he wasn’t there at the time of the shooting. So it seems that not only was he trying to cover up that he was pimping his wife out on craigslist but that he may have been trying to implicate her in the murder as well.

What a classy group of people but not surprising for craigslist.

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