19-year-old girl accused of being Backpage child pimp


Charge: 19-year-old Seattle woman pimped girl:

Why is it that women who sell other women are referred to as the classier moniker ‘Madam’ while guys are just pimps? Both are nothing more than human traffickers.

For example take 19-year-old Micayla Michelle Fourhorns of Seattle. She’s been arrested and held on $100K bond for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

Human trafficking and child prostitution crosses all gender and race categories. It’s obviously something that just doesn’t happen in third world countries. It’s happening in your backyard too.

As usual though this once again shows that backpage’s so-called safeguards are a load of crap because time after time underage girls are being peddled on their site. So backpage, do you really have any safeguards or are you just full of shit?

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